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Julianna has a wonderful dress sense and eye for what will suit. She chose a jacket for me which I don’t think I would have picked out myself, but has been my constant companion for two years! It is reassuring to have another pair of eyes, and advice that is not motivated by a desire for commission but by a genuine desire to direct clients towards clothes that will look good (and just as important) those that will not.

Glenda Simpson, London

Julianna has been keeping me up-to-date for the last four years. I have found it very helpful to have advice on putting together items from my wardrobe and I am repeatedly impressed at her skill in knowing exactly what will suit me. She brought me a delightful silk jacket recently that I thought would be too small and it was not only a perfect fit but it had a period feel that was just right for my concert appearances.

Penelope Cave, Haslemere

Julianna is simply amazing. Last year, I needed help in finding my wedding outfit. All I knew was that I didn’t want a typical white wedding dress. We had a very casual meeting and discussed several ideas over coffee. She picked up on what I wanted immediately and I knew straight away that she would be able to find me the perfect wedding outfit! We decided to meet in London a few weeks later for a shopping trip and her knowledge of which shops we should go to was exceptional. I don’t really know London very well and was amazed at all the places that Juliana knew. I wouldn’t have even known that some of the places she took me to existed! We went to Brick Lane and had a look at some amazing vintage shops which were in my price range. Julianna was brilliant at picking out items of clothing which I wouldn’t have normally chosen if I were on my own, and she made me feel really confident about my choices. Within no time at all we had found the perfect dress for my wedding day!

Julianna also helped my fiancee and I to find shoes and accessories. Peter is not a big fan of shopping, especially when it comes to shopping in London. But Julianna made him feel very comfortable and found him the perfect shoes to go with his suit. They are now probably his favourite shoes, plus, he looked fantastic on the big day. We both did!

I felt no pressure from Julianna. She was able to guide me away from bad choices without making me feel self-conscious and really helped me to understand what looked good and what wasn’t quite right. I will definitely use her again if I need to plan for some fancy event or simply a new wardrobe.

Thank you for all your help, Julianna!

Mr and Mrs Davies, Brighton

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