If you have new or nearly new designer clothes or accessories which you would like me to sell on your behalf, please contact me at . I will send you the proceeds from my online or private sales. It couldn’t be simpler!

I understand that your clothes are precious and personal, so you and your items will be well looked after.

There is a fixed charge of £5 payable on each item, (whether sold or not) plus 40% of the sale price plus £2.50 postage fee – with no further fees or VAT. If your item sells for £100 – you receive £52.50, a sale price of £500 nets you £292.50. My charges compare extremely favourably with most other consignment services.

I have five years experience of selling online and will take care of everything – photography and descriptions, correspondence with buyers, packing and shipping.

You will receive a monthly e-mail detailing which of your items have sold, including prices and deductions, and I will arrange payment by cheque. Simple – and hassle free!

To sell designer clothes:

Items should be clean and in excellent condition – but I can take care of minor repairs and cleaning for an extra fee.

Top sellers are bags, dresses, jackets and coats – but don’t forget to dig out your sunglasses, shoes, tops, knitwear, belts, scarves and jewellery too.

A short description of each item is noted, and I leave you with a signed receipt. I have a history of getting the best prices, but if you’d like to set a minimum amount, I am happy to discuss it.

Any unsold items can be re-listed, re-cycled, or returned to you (registered delivery postage cost) and a handling charge of between £3.50 and £10.00 per item.